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To get started in ICR2 track editing, first download the Tutorial Studio, which is a comprehensive step-by-step guide written by Tjerk. Since it was posted in 2008, there have been further discoveries and clarifications that were made in the forums. We will catalog those in this wiki.

As of 2020, Tjerk is leading an effort to gather info and update the tutorial.

Wolf_pd's list of tracks that haven't been done yet as of June 2020.


Different track editors share how they set up their workflow.

Modding tools

CowtownBob posts the PACK and UNPACK utilities.

Tjerk posts his MRON utility in Post #23 which can be used to simplify the deletion of the MRON section of a 3DO file in order to prepare the file for N2 to ICR2 conversion.

A copy of Winmip 1 which is needed to convert some files that Winmip 2 does not support.

The Last Chance Tools can convert PMP files better than Winmip.

Checkpoint10's tools: Skid mark generator - converts .csv file to .tsd file for loading in OPE 3D file tools - edits track.3d file to correct see-through hills RPY to LP tool - a new tool to create LP files from replays


Pavel shares some beginner's tips, including the files that go into a track and how to draw a track in SGE.

Eddie500 shares a tip on making banked corners in SGE. Post #70


In this thread, fab4 cannot get TRKSG to work and the community weighs in on the solution.

MRK files

The Tutorial skipped over the .mrk file as its purpose was unknown at the time. It is now known that .mrk is used to apply textures to walls (such as advertising).

Relevant forum posts:

3DO files


Menu/track selection screens

Pavel discusses in Post #30 the different files in the track.dat that are used by various versions of the game.

LP files

Dennis figures out why his AI is too fast in slow corners and posts a solution in this thread.

Pavel on how to set up MINRACE and MAXRACE


Checkpoint10 describes what the fifth parameter of WIND and WIND2 does.

MIP files and graphics

A description of the ICR2 color palette

Checkpoint10 explores the specification of a MIP file and produces a MIP converter and pack/unpack Python script in the process.

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