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Welcome to the ICR2 CART Racing wiki!

This wiki is a community project to cover all the information related to the racing simulation IndyCar Racing II (commonly referred to as “ICR2”), developed by Papyrus Design Group and originally released in 1995.

Over the years, the community has gained much knowledge about the gameplay, setup tips, and customizing and modding the game. As of 2020, the ICR2 community continues to support the game with an active forum and new mods, including a current IndyCar carshape.

When completed, this wiki will cover and/or link to resources on the following:

Background and history of ICR2 (including predecessor games Indianapolis 500: The Simulation and IndyCar Racing I)

Wikipedia article on IndyCar Racing II

Installation of the game (updated for the latest generations of PC/Mac/Linux)

The forum is a great place to discuss how to get ICR2 running on modern equipment. Start with this video.

Other related discussions about getting the game to work on DOSBox and a similar discussion from 2019.


Simulator options

Taking screenshots and videos

The community has discussed various programs to take videos.

List of available carsets, tracks, etc.

The best places to start are the Archive and this sticky post on the forums. You need to be an activated forum member to download files. To join, follow these instructions.

Game customization and modding (from the included Paintkit to more advanced editing, including discussions of the file structures and conversions from other Papyrus games)

This wiki has a separate page on track editing.

List of utilities and tools, as well as updated documentation on how to use them on a modern PC Troubleshooting and frequently asked questions

There is already much knowledge in the excellent ICR2 Complete Reference Book (“ICRTCR”) by Ton Fastwalker which was last updated in 2009. The wiki aims to build on that knowledge but will make reference to the book if the information therein is still accurate.

A scan of the CART Racing Strategy Guide is found in the forums.

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