Endurance Series and Rules
2014 will be the eigth season running Endurance. Since we run rFactor, there is a small chance this championship returns in 2015.

The endurance events are very different from the IIRS race events. A carset is used that is made to simulate real-life sports car races with up to 55 cars in 4 different classes on the track together. This means you will be running in traffic all race long.
We run the rFactor Enduracers mod. This is a multi carclass mod, based on ALMS and the 24 hours of Le Mans race. The mod can be downloaded HERE. A zipfile has been created with the files needed to change the Enduracers mod into an IIRS endurance mod. The files can be requested via the IIRSdirector. The files will give you a set of vehicle (.veh) files which give you the correct cars for the race. We are also looking at adding an IIRS teams painted carset and vehicle files.

The race is based on time. The total race time is based on the real-life races. Endurance race time is approximately 1/3 of reallife racetime. The 24 hours of Daytona would be run in 8 hours. The race time is divided into stints, which are run as individual races. The stint lengths are specified in the settings. Each stint has a specific starttime to simulate the change of time during the race.

You are free to choose your own car in the Mod. From a performance point of view you are advised to run either the Peugeot 908 or the Audi R10.

Teams can be made up of any amount of drivers with a maximum of the amount of stints in a race. For a two stint race it is allowed to run the race as a single driver. For races consisting of four stints or more you need at least 2 drivers. The results of the drivers will be combined to make up the overall time for the team. Each driver can use his own setup and opponent strength for each stint.

The driver who qualifies the car must run the first stint, and starts from the qualifying position he earned. This first stint will have a pace lap.
For ALL other stints, the DRIVER MUST START FROM THE BACK OF THE FIELD FROM A STANDING START (NO PACE LAP). As always, you must use the car files provided by the IIRS.

Teams will be scored first by the total number of laps completed, then by time (the same as any other IIRS race). A default time will be used for non-completed last laps and to lap drivers during scoring. Finishing in front of the race leader during a stint will enable drivers to "unlap". The default laptime is available in the settings.

Scoring is done based on the information in the .xml file that rFactor produces.

Points are kept for both teams and drivers. Two separate championships exist. The pointsystem is the ICR2 pointsystem.
Bonus points are given for:
1. the Pole position - 1 point
2. the Fastest Lap in the race - 1 point
3. Leading after a stint, including leading at the finish of the race - 2 points per stint

The available points will be posted in the racesettings.

Because the use of prescribed files are influential on the fairness of the event more than in normal races, penalties must be somewhat severe.

1. No damage: disqualification
2. Wrong track: disqualification
3. Wrong carset: disqualification
4. Wrong settings: disqualification
5. Wrong number of opponents used: 1 LAP penalty for each opponent less than the prescribed amount of opponents used.
6. No-show (one of your teammates doesn't run one of his stints): Your car will be placed 10 LAPS behind the last placed team for that stint. You are allowed to continue the race.

John Howlett
IIRS Director