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Carsets on forum
2k nose fix

Damage model for 2k2 carshapes

Cockpits Fixed attachment

ChampCar 2004, 2005, 2006 original carshape) Fixed attachment

Unifed 2006 carsets (cart2k carshape) Links are dead
Unifed 2007 carsets (cart2k carshape) Link is dead
Unifed 2008 carsets (cart2k carshape) Link is dead
2009 fictional carset (cart2k carshape)
2010 fictional carset (cart2k carshape)

CART/ChampCar 1992-2002
IRL/IndyCar 1996 - 2008

1990, 1991 Indycar
1992, 1993, 1994 Indycar
1995 (updated lola1995 carset) Fixed attachment
1997 CART Fixed attachment

Shaggy Socal
2006 ChampCar Fixed attachment
2007 ChampCar Fixed attachment
2008 Indy 500
2008 IndyCar (Indy2k8)
Indy2k8 liveries
2009 Indycar (Indy2k9)

2007 IRL preseason carset No Attachments
2007 IRL carset Fixed attachment
2007 ChampCar (original carshape) Fixed attachment

2006 IRL carset No Attachments

2009 Indy 500
2009 liveries Fixed attachment
2010 Sao Paulo Fixed attachment
2010 St. Petersburg cars updates
2010 Birmingham cars update
2010 M.Conway Long Beach
2010 Kansas cars update
2010 Indy 500 carset (Indy2k10)
2010 Texas cars updates
2010 Iowa cars updates
2010 Watkins Glen cars updates
2010 Toronto, Edmonton, Mid-Ohio cars updates
2010 Chicagoland cars updates
2011 Indycar (Indy2k11)
2010 F1 cars

GTP v2 carset Fixed attachment

GTP cockpits

GTP paintkit Fixed attachment

USAC Indycar carshape Fixed attachment

CART Legends Cockpit Fixed attachment

CART Legends carsets Fixed attachment

1970 USAC cockpit Fixed attachment

GPL carset for ICR2 Fixed attachment

GP Masters carshape Fixed attachment

Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Fixed attachment
Well, someone had done a tad bit of research here . Thanks for all the leg work, once again !!! If there are some missing, I might have them somewhere. Let me look in a few days and see if I can help get them re-posted.
Keep Honking..............................

I'M Still Reloading........................
Well Pavel, thanks for your research, this will be a nice DB.

You can make this topic sticky. Wink2
I've fixed some topics with missed files.
(03-05-2012, 01:16 AM)Pavel 69 Wrote: I've fixed some topics with missed files.

Yes I see, I suggest that this was a spammer, but this person was not a spammer after all. Grin3

And can anyone make this topic sticky finally???
Some more links have been fixed. Also I added link to the topic with Lamborghini Countach carset.
hey, I was wondering if you guys had the templates for the Lola 92 93 94 and 95 skins, or if anybody knows how to alter the files so I can run a newman/hass car
You can edit cars in carsets with icr2 manager.
(03-06-2012, 07:02 AM)Pavel 69 Wrote: You can edit cars in carsets with icr2 manager.

is that in game or something I have to download?

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