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Tracks on forum
I think this thread must be moved to 'Important' part of forum. Here you can find links to all tracks, that were uploaded on forum. Same thread need tobe done for carsets and other stuff. Because many things are hidden on forum. If you find any errors please report.


Assen (alpha)

Barber Motorsports Park (alpha)

Brno (alpha)

Brainerd update

Chicagoland Speedway

Cleveland 1991-2007

Cleveland 1982-1990

Detroit 1999
Detroit 1999 update

Edmonton update

Homestead Roadcourse (alpha)

Houston 1998-2001

Indy ICR1

Indianapols 1992

Indianapolis 1993-present (correct banking)

Infineon Raceway 2005-present

IRP N99 AI (track can be converted from n99)

Kansas Speedway

Kentucky Speedway

Medowland and Medowland's 'oval'

Mexico (Bull Runn edit)

Mexico N3

Miami 1995 Bicentennial Park

Milwaukee 80s-1995 and 1996-2002

Montreal (N1 Sears Point edit)

Motegi v2

Nashville Superspeedway

Ontario Speedway ( Indy edit, N2 conversion) No Attachments


Stardust AI

Australia Surfers Paradise v2.0 (1991, 1992-1994, 1995-2008 versions)

Texas 1997

Toronto 1996

Vancouver 93&95

Vancouver 99-04

Walt Disney World Speedway

Anniversary, Firebird, Foxring, Houtons, Iowa, Monaco, New3, New7 (all alphas)

N2/N99/N3 converted tracks with updates:
Nazareth, Pikes Peak, Gateway, Night Richmond, Indianapolis N3, Michigan 1995, Homestead Miami N3, Homestead Miami 04-09 day&night, Indianapolis 1993-present (correct banking), Dover, Indianapols 1992, Watkins Glen with boot update, California Speedway N3 edit, Michigan 2000, New Hampshire N3 edit, Pocono 1987

Graphic updates for Elkhart Lake, Nazareth and Portland

Road courses project:
Elkhart Lake;
Porland 1984 - 1991, Portland 1992 - 2004, Portland 2005 - 2007, Portland without chicane;
Mid Ohio 1983-1989, Mid Ohio 1990-present
Laguna Seca 1983 - 1985, Laguna Seca 1986 - 1987, Laguna Seca 1988, Laguna Seca 1989 - 1995, Laguna Seca 1996 - 2003;

Some track edites

CartracingHQ site archives
Already done so. Thanks for looking up all those tracks (and of course your hard work on the tracks).
IIRS Driver Champion (2005-2007, 2010-2014)
IIRS Team Champion (2004-2014)
After forum update some tracks have disappeared from here. I marked this tracks.
I've fixed Miami 1995, Motegi, Texas 1997, Walt Disney World Speedway attachments.

[Wolf_pd: Brainerd Update, Brno, Stardust AI and Assen are fixed too]
Very nice to see all the tracks just in one post.
This makes it a lot easier to find tracks. I was just looking at the files archive on the main site and wasn't finding much. Now I'm able to update literally all my tracks. Grin3
I hope there's more like someone making the Tamiami Park and if there's if there's a True Streets of Denver track,
I would like to add another link to this thread - this has thestig88's work including some old IndyCar/Champ Car and IMSA tracks:
Denver, Tamiami Park, Caesar's Palace, Sao Paolo, San Jose, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, New Orleans, Miami, Lausitzring, Trois Rivieres, Columbus, Addison, San Diego, Puerto Rico, Boston, St. Pete 85.

I believe most do not have objects but are at least driveable and in some cases has AI.

Sebring, Firebird and Putnam Park (commonly used IndyCar test tracks)
Caesars Palace oval:
Rio oval (1996):

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