Indycar racing 1
Is there any command line for indycar racing 1 to play on svga graphics? when i type with -h or -dma it says illegal command..
There isnt exist I had tried this too.
Icr1 don't support SVGA Sad
That's sad that ICR1 doesn't support SVGA. But you can trick it with DosBox.
I gotta dosbox running on a PC with the screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixles. The dosbox config file contains the line that dosbox is running fullscreen (fullscreen=true) and voila: ICR1 is running "fullscreen"!
A screen full of old pixles... :-)
And be sure that all MIDI activity is workin' in DosBox.
The engine sound in ICR1 IS Midibased... Phew, I shoulda have heared this sound earlier! It woulda have spare my guessin about engine sounds!!!
Forgot two things:

1) You could visit "" to find the old experience...

2) Have a nice x-mas weekend!!! :-)
Thank you all, have a nice x-mas and a happy new year too Smiley

I'll try this

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