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Problem with 33 cars-
I run into this every year- I paint the 33 cars and cant put them all in cause i'm only limited to 31- is there a way to fix this and make a 34 car field-
Well, if I remember correctly, you have to have a carset with more than 33 cars in it. Then you have to use the ICR2 set options utility for use of more than 33 cars.

***** SetOptns V1.1 *********************************************************

This utility modify your GAMEOTPS.CFG file to accept more than 31 opponents.
Just copy the SETOPTNS.EXE file to your ICR2 directory, and run it.

The program will ask you three numbers:
1) The number of opponents [0..38]
2) The number of cars drawn ahead [1..39]
3) The number of cars drawn behind [1..39]

Now you can use a 40 car set (your car + 38 opponents + pacecar )

NOTE: If you want to run against 38 opponents you MUST edit the <track>.TXT
file and change the line CARS as follows:

CARS 40 40 instead of CARS 33 33


V1.1 I made some modifications to the user interface


If you find a bug or have any question, just let me know.

Marcelo Bassino -

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#3 where are the mips i need to use for the last 2 paintschemes
You need a carset that at least allows 33 cars.
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Hello I like to create my own fa carset in the original wanted to create a carset for 33 cars only have the original 32 as I do? is there a progam that I can edit my carsets original version?
if you pass me some progam
I'm waiting

You need to find a 40-car carset and extract the cars.3do and insert it into your new set. This *.3do contains the extra entries (at least I think it does).

I've downloaded a IRL1997 set by Claudio Rementeria and the extra cars are named:


Let me know how you got on.
do wonder how a carset want to create a unique summer with 33 cars do not want in 3d version as I pass someone has a tutorial showing step by step how to create an original carset with 33 cars?
I'm waiting

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