I have a 2 copies of the Icr2 strategy guide!
I finally dug up my copy and found another one on ebay. I want to keep one intact but would like to convert one pdf format. I have a scanner so I might beable to do it with a lot of work. Can anyone help me on what else I might need to do this? Thanks Brad

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Holy crap!

What kind of help are you looking for with the scanner? It would be amazing to have a look inside that thing.
on the old forum someone posted it on a pdf format
I can't remember who was, but I have a copy of it

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Ok Thank you for the pdf link. Now I have 2 copies and I only need one. If anyone wants the extra copy please email me.
I have a copy of that too.

It came in the box with my copy of CART Racing when I bought it years ago.

I think I paid $8.00 for the game at Sam's Club back in 1996.
Yes for a long time I collected every race sim I could get my hands on. I think I purchased ICR2 and Cart. I also have all of the Nascar sims also. I am still running a W98 version pc just for all my old race sims.
Thanks Blackcat!

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