New GPL Conversion - St Jovite 1967
Well, it had previously been released as a beta but now I have added AI, track screens and camera files. It's in The Archive, under Roadcourses. Enjoy !
this track rocks!

keep 'em coming!
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Sorry for necroposting, but I just had to say "thanks" to all who made this track available for ICR2.

I dl'd it last night, and couldn't stop running on it - what a fun track! Just having the objects (for reference points) I was able to shave nearly 2 seconds off my time, and really found the rhythm of the track. I can't wait to run it in the Winter Series.

Thanks again!
You're very welcome. Although I do have to say that the main graphic problem [distorted bright textures on some of the banking outside of the walls] still occurs every now and then. On weird occasions, for example when I was working on the USAC carset and I was testing the carset at St Jovite, changes to the carset would change the track as well. Pretty weird stuff !
Thanks for the track.

Have you had any reports of problems with the track in race mode? I am using ICR2 in Windows XP with the DOS prompt and can load the track, even practice on it, but when the race loads, everything freezes and i have to crash out of DOS. This doesn't happen with any other track.

Any ideas?

I did not have any problems with that before but I did just then, I think it is because I had pace laps on earlier and did not now. Could you turn pace lap on in Options -> Realism ? I hope that will cure the problem. If it does there is probably some number defined wrong in the .txt file which I will need to cure.

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