setup tips - non ovals

i need some help with the setup of non-ovals, sears point and leguna seca is what i do the most..

what sort of PSI should i have the tyres at?
and how much shock for front and rear?
Laguna seca does not fit well nascar cars from nascar 1 because on road courses they handle like trucks. When i race on Watkins Glen and Sears Point i usually set the tires as saggy as possible (really low psi, lower on the front) and with stiffer shocks on the rear to compensate the front tire low pressures, everything else even. BTW it is time to go back driving on a real Nascar game, i have spending to much time online with that crap called ignition 21 and rivals on nintendo switch as well as casual races on nascar heat 5 on xbox. Last time i touched Nascar 1 and 2003 from papyrus was something around february. Time to do a new season.

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