Increase cars to 40
I'm about to start a season and plan to use the reyn1999 carset, but I want to compete with 40 cars total. My question is, how can I modify that carset and increase the numbers of files?

I have the 4096 carset which has 40 cars total, but it's a different carshape.
Hi and welcome!
Carshape is not important there. List of carfiles each carset has is in cars.3do file that is inside of every carset dat file. Standart (default papy) cars.3do has only 32 cars. Expanded carsets have cars.3do with 40 carfiles. It's the same papy cars.3do but with additional 8 carfiles: new13, new23, new26, new28, new29, new30, new32. So to expand any carset up to 40 cars you need to replace cars.3do with such file from any expanded carsets and then create additional carfiles (3do and mip) with newXX names as specified above.

Thank you, and it's good to be part of a community focused on icr2.

That's interesting. I did not know it was that simple. I will try it soon and apprise you of my results. Thanks, again, Pavel 69.
When you unpack the <carset>.dat file to replace cars.3do you will also have to add .mip and .3do files for each of the additional cars (the .mip is the livery texture, the .3do is the untestured panel colors); name them the same as the extra cars in the 40-car cars.3do. And of course you will need a new drivers2.txt file with stats for the additional drivers.
When I try to verify it worked, icr2 crashes with an "Unable to load cars" error.

This is what I did

  1. I unpacked both carsets
  2. duplicated 7 existing .3do and .mip files from the reylol01 carset
  3. I renamed them according to the 4096 carset newXX filenames (new13, new23, new26, new28, new29, new30, and new30) with the appropriate extensions of .3do and .mip
  4. then copied the cars.3do file from the 4096 carset to the reylol01 carset\Unpack
  5. packed it into a new .dat file
  6. copied that .dat file to the reylol01 carset folder
  7. I modified the NUMDR variable in the reylol01 drivers2.txt file to 40
  8. I also modified the CARS variable in the [track].txt file to 40 40
What tool have you used to unpack/pack dar files?
I am using Winmip 2, because whenever I try to use pack.exe and unpack.exe it states:

"creating header... DONE
Packing ...ERROR: Error reading data from . "
That's a problem. With Winmip to add new files to date you need to edit .pick files that contains list of files that should be packed into dat. New dat file you've created doesn't have newXX car files because they were not listed in pick file. So you can just copy this newXX files to carsets folder or try to edit pick file to make correct dat file.
Or try to use DooDat program. It's easier to manage Dat files with this tool.
It worked with DooDAT!!! Thank you so much, Pavel 69!

Now if only I still had my race and season printouts from my 3 seasons from 20-something years ago.

But earnestly, thanks again, Pavel 69.
Hi to all! I'd like to qualify for the Indianapolis 500. The 1995 INDY carpack of this race consists of 39 drivers. Is it possible in our game for everyone to qualify and 33 to qualify for the race? How to set it up and how to do it?

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