Dos vs Windy
Hi All,

There are some differences between the Dos version of ICR2 and the Windy version. Outside of the obvious differences such as the UX and branding (cart vs indycar on some versions), there is also at least one difference in the core functionality of the game:

  • In the Windy version during practice you can exit the game and make set up changes in the garage, when you enter your car again the AI will still be lapping the circuit, where in the Dos version they will all be returned to their pit stall.
  • Because of the Windows file explorer it is possible to run multiple championship seasons at once, with dedicated save files for each of them

Does anyone know if there are any other functionality changes between the two?
Yes, practice mode update was great surprise fro me after dos version Smiley I couldn't name any other significant changes in functionality. For me another great improvement is frame rate. Windy runs smoother I feel. But on my PC I have some side-effect. If I let system run game with unrestricted FPS (145 i think) then I hear some delay in sounds sometime. So inside d3d wrapper set vsync option. This reduces FPS to 64-66 and sound seems more in sync.
Not sure if it's a bug or not but in a Championship season Windy doesn't allocate the point for "laps led" correctly if at all. Acc time for 100% distance races seems a touch quicker on windy as well.
From readme Wink2 :
Quote:***** Realism options in Championship season *****

The manual (p.44) states that Realism options may not be changed
in the middle of the Championship season.  This is incorrect.  You may
make changes to car damage, spin recovery, yellow flags, pace lap, weather, 
and breakdowns during a season.
Windy sometimes delivers corrupted save files that won't load, so never overwrite old saves, always save to a new file in case you have to go back, or you'll lose the entire season.
Messed up standings can happen as well.

Another difference between the two, Windy won't let you export race results.

Dont have the game installed, but that what I recall

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