Indy Road Course Request (2021)
I wanted to see if anyone has a ICR2/N1/N2/N99 track for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course that just recently ran.  It's the one where they go down the front stretch the opposite direction then go into the infield.  Seems the only place I have this setup is on my Project Cars: 2 game.  I am wondering if anyone has made this layout available for the older Papyrus games?
I am surprised we don't have any version of this road course. Pavel can you modify your existing scratchbuilt version to create the road course? It probably has most of the trackside objects anyway. ;-)
Yes, any of our Indy ovals can be used as a base for roadcourse track. Objects, textures and palette are almost ready. But I don't know how properly simulate transition from oval part to the road and vice versa. Also what to do with last section were full oval's T1 should be visible?
Dennis was working on bringing in nonfunctional pieces of track so maybe he knows the best way to do it.
To cut part of the oval and add it as track object is not a problem. But to do it well... that's a problem.
This is the same situation, as with my track. Here are some notes about, what I did.
- In SGE delete those oval section, which aren't used for the roadcourse. Connect the remaining part, with the infield part of the roadcourse.
- Because the track direction has changed, everything get messed up, except of the track centerline, and need to rebuild mirrored in SGE/SFE (elevation, walls, track surfaces).
- Extract from the oval .3d those parts, which needed as TSO, and change the BSP tree, like described here:

I lowered last part of the oval, so it dives under the roadcourse, to avoid conflict. I think, this is the easiest way, if you don't have a TV camera pointing to the gap, else you need to be more accurate.

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