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Change Player car?
Hi Folks - again, I've tried searching in the forum for this but to no avail...

How do I change the car I want to drive from the one assigned to me in the carsets I install?
To change cars open the paintkit included in the game (Indycar/Paintkit/name of your carset).  Left Click the SWAP CARS button.  The first car that appears should be the car you drive in the game.  Left Click the CHOOSE CAR button.  Left Click the GO TO NEXT CAR button until the car you want to drive is pictured.  Left Click the CHOOSE CAR button again.  This will swap the position of the 2 cars.  You can confirm this by Left Clicking the QUIT button, then Left Click the PAINT CAR button and the first car that appears is now the car you will drive in the game.

This process only swaps the car graphics.  If you want to swap the driver name and info you will need to open the DRIVERS2.TXT file for the carset you are using (Indycar/Cars/name of your carset) and swap the lines for the 2 cars you just swapped in the paintkit.
U can also do it with CowTownBob's ICR2 manager

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