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Patching issues 1.0 to 1.2
Okay, I have found a solution which fixes my problem. During the first part of the batch file process, the following steps are performed for each track:

C:\ICR2\TRACKS>if not exist midohio\qualace.stg copy midohio\qual.stg midohio\qualace.stg
C:\ICR2\TRACKS>if not exist midohio\qualeasy.stg copy midohio\qual.stg midohio\qualeasy.stg
C:\ICR2\TRACKS>if not exist midohio\qualfast.stg copy midohio\qual.stg midohio\qualfast.stg

Apparently, all the "qualace.stg" files did not get created such that when it got to the point of modifying the file, it couldn't find the file and the operation failed.

I tried executing the patch from the the cmd window in Windows, not DOSBox. The first part of the PATCHICR.BAT file which performed all the file operations such as the one above was successful but then failed when it got to the patch.exe file. Then I ran PATCHICR.BAT from within DOSBox. The full patch ran successfully then. So it was the combination of the first part running in cmd window, then running it again under DOSBox such that the patch.exe portion ran which is what worked for me.
(07-18-2021, 10:12 AM)Tony_D 26nz Wrote: And BIG thanks to the person who uploaded it to that site

i have it on my google drive as well
Okay so the 39 mb download from myabandonware is the 1.02 version and it runs without issues on my machine now. Thanks for the tip. Weirdly, the 17 mb version is the vanilla 1.0 version, and I have no idea what version the third download option is because I havent tried it. I have an updated version that works now. Thank you all for your inputs and suggestions.

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