South Boston crash problem
Today I added a couple of tracks to the archive again. Among others I added South Boston converted from Nascar 3, as found in files from WoofGM. Unfortunately, this one crashes as soon as I start a race.

This is a direct link to the track:

I am hoping that someone who knows about LP files and Track.txt files might be able to take a look at this track and figure out why it crashes the game. Thanks!
Which version of ICR2 do you use? I had the same problem with Ceasars Palace with version 1.00. With the new version it didn't crash.
Thanks, I am on 1.0.0 it seems so that may very well be the problem. If it's only because of that, problem solved I guess. Smiley
Is there some reason why one would prefer 1.0.0 versus a later version? I do prefer the Laguna intro vs. the Detroit one, but not sure what other differences besides bug fixes.

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