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Also missing different versions of Laguna Seca, Mid-Ohio and Portland by Pavel: and the original Homestead:
(02-06-2021, 01:09 PM)thestig88 Wrote: I made a rough version of the 1991 Denver circuit (without objects or AI). Others on here may wish to do better with it.
I have used that version, the AI Cars stop at the end of the pitlane & just stay there.
Thanks, I have added Miami 97, plus the Phakisa Freeway oval track that was in the same topic. Woof linked to his dropbox there and I have secured all those files as well.

The Laguna, Mid-Ohio and Portland versions were the final ones of the "tracks on forum" sticky topic I still needed to do. They have been added now as well.
The archive section is now looking very good, but maybe a dropdown menu or something to easily find tracks for each CART/Indycar season would be a good idea. I think Wolf_pd had something like that in his mind too:

Some kind of Sanair:

Cleveland 1991-2007 contains in fact two separate versions, the pit entrance wall was removed in 1997 I think.
You have done a wonderful job.But you always have over the last 20 years.Thank you.
The new archive is looking really fantastic. Thanks Tjerk!
I was cleaning up my external harddisk (gotta do something during lockdown....) and found some more old files. Will provide a list later on.

Also, I found my data and notes on tracks I had been working on. Let's put nicely...., quality improved since 2005. Some of the information I had to work with in 2005 compared to say something like Google Maps now...... wow.....  Dizzy
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