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Old timer returning to it. And some help with Colors...
(02-17-2021, 12:19 AM)JR82 Wrote: As a matter of interest which carset(s) are you working on?
Right now I'm working on my car. a) just for practice on getting up to date on the tools. b) I have no plans for a Carset but I MAAAY do 90's or 2000 CART carsets. No real plan at this moment.

I DO however plan to do Fundidora from Scratch with all scenery and stuff... but that's phase 2.

Here's what I'm working on right now. Work in Progress.
[Image: 151512146_10224703547837259_281167861107...e=6052CC96][Image: 151797350_10224703547757257_423058206686...e=6052B683][Image: 152023033_10224703547797258_284632823397...e=605101A1]
That car looks awesome

I think I still haz it. Now, the helmet... I have no clue, will think about it for a while. Next up, idk. Maybe some dashboard and camera angle editing? IDK. I'm also gearing up for track editing.
[Image: 152071852_10224717787073231_601177452109...e=6053B6A6][Image: 152285556_10224717787033230_722920897084...e=60548AE9][Image: 152197786_10224717786953228_493546103163...e=60545E63][Image: 151530867_10224717786913227_161429153296...e=605535C5]
Nice! Very nice!
Looking great!

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