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game speed in dos mode
Hi all. 
I used to play icr2 a lot back in the day. Have just got it going again now on my SP3 (on windows 8). Am using an emulator to run icr2. Doing it through Windows XP in Oracle Virtualbox. I can get the windows "windy" version to work perfectly. But am keen on getting dos version to work so that I can take advantage of all the add-ons etc. 
I've used icr2star to allow me to start up the dos version in Win XP. This works great except that the game runs slow. It takes 11-12sec on my stopwatch to cover 10sec on the game lap counter. And, when running the game , it is noticeably slower. It takes the edge off things. Also, one of the things I always liked so much about icr2 was the clock speed was always right. Unlike games such as GP2 where the game would slow down to make sure all frames were captured when there was a lot happening, icr2 would just skip the frames. And the faster computers got the less this happened. So frame skipping is not an issue at all any more, and the accurate clock speed of icr2 is, in my opinion, one of its great benefits. 
So having things run slow when I run the dos version in WinXP is a problem for me. 
Is anyone familiar with this issue?
I'm hoping someone can offer a suggestion to fix the problem.

Thanks in advance, 
Tony D
No idea how to fix it but i still use Windows 7 & run it with "Dosbox ECE"
It sounds like you are using a rather bastardized installation and setup. Highly suggest Dosbox ECE as JR82 suggested.
Sounds good. Will give it a go
I downloaded dosbox ECE & gave it a go with icr2. Unfortunately the graphics were still a bit choppy (framerates sometimes dropping to ~ 15-20). It looks like my SP3 computer (kind of tablet/laptop hybrid) doesn't quite have enough power. So I guess it's still "Windy" for me for time being.

As regards the timing issue in my initial post, I also have an old desktop that runs Windows XP. It has icr2 installed so I tried dos version out with it. Turns out it has the same issue. I was really surprised. So I checked things out a bit further. On both computers the dos game runs ~10% slow. It takes the edge off the racing and also means, for example, if I have a great lap at Long Beach (for me) of 56sec, in reality it's about 61sec!

Because the same problem happened on 2 computers here, I'm thinking this might be a more general issue. If people aren't aware of it, it may be that some of us running dos version with icr2star in XP are having the same problem. Would it be possible for someone with this set up to check accuracy of their icr2 clock speed? No need to time a lap. Just select "practice" and, while sitting in the pits, use your phone stopwatch to check the lap timer on dashboard. Do it for 10 or 20sec. If your phone shows about 11sec for 10sec on dashboard or ~22sec for 20, you've got same problem as me. Another way to check, if you've got Detroit intro video (as I have) is to let the video run through to the end. As the sound is correct, there is a timing issue between the sound & video. If timing is right, the video will end as the 2 cars (de Ferran & Boesel I think) are going through T7 into back straight. If timing is wrong, it will end as they are exiting Turn 6 and still coming towards camera.

If somebody knows a fix for this issue it would be great if you can share it with me. I don't get any frame skipping running XP / dos version and, if running at right speed, it would be perfect.


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