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Playing IRC2 on modern hardware [video]
I play a lot of racing sims, so I felt it was necessary to record a 'review' of IRC2, focusing specifically on the game's physics. The feel of the car is the number one aspect for me in a game, regardless of how old it is. And IRC2 fairs really well, even 25 years later.

This is the first time I ever spoke on video, so sorry for sounding awkward  Dizzy

Stop   Shifting with paddle shifters?It's a no no!.. Grin3
Great to see a modern review of this game and your take on how it holds up compared to newer sims like rFactor! Will you make more videos like this - maybe you can show off a fully modded game? :-D

Also, you may want to correct the link to this community - it's, not "IRC2."
I don't know why, but all week I have been typing IRC instead of ICR Happy2 I think I've reverted back to my 1990s PT when there was something called IRC chat.

@jaeger I'll try to get my sequential shifter working next time!

@checkpoint10 Yes I would like to! I have already installed a realistic engine sound mod, and the real 1995 carset. I think I just need to download some updated circuits. I haven't really seen what ICR2 can do yet on the modded circuits front. To me, the ones in the game are already pretty good.
The ideal would be shift with an H pattern like the G27, but ICR2 does not recognize it..Indycar back in the day had a clutch and an H pattern shifter.

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