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Tutorial updates - share your knowledge!
(07-26-2020, 06:02 PM)Tjerk Wrote: If stuff was reversed on the original files then they were probably mine, I knew very little about AI. So thanks for taking on the task of making better LP files for this track! And good work on finding out the problem with the files.

You have nothing to be ashamed of the track is so much fun to drive. I like to make new AI for every track so it is super competitive and difficult which makes it fun for me. I just drove the track for an hour and it seems to have completely fixed the problem however I am still trying to understand the science of why this works.

I have a few issues I want to correct and improve on, and then I plan on re-uploading the track with yellow flag bug fixes, AI improvements, and track.txt improvements.
(07-26-2020, 05:58 PM)samsepi0l Wrote: If any of you have any ideas which will explain this better it would sure make me feel better to have a positive understanding feeling.
If you want, I can take a look on your files. Maybe I can see something.
I spent probably 8 hours playing with this AI.  For the purpose of this thread- I will not go into specifics that deal with Watkins Glen, but I will try and provide general information that I believe will help others have a smoother learning curve.  I will however use an example from Watkins Glen that can work on probably many tracks.

I believe the MAXRACE and MINRACE files have more influence that I previously assumed.

Lets assume that I have a decent race.lp made.  However, in certain instances (lets say exiting turn 1 at watkins glen) the CC's are near the limit of adhesion exiting the corner (which is a right turn) so they slide a little further out to the left past where the "perfect" line of race.lp is.  In this case, if they drift onto MAXRACE (which is on the left of PASS1, which is on the left of RACE) they will default to PASS1 until they can get back onto RACE.  I think this is why my CC's were going wide through the next corner.  To fix this, I simply moved MAXRACE out a little more positive (LEFT) which moved this "threshold" further and the CCs could not slide out that far.  This allowed them to stay on RACE which let them hit the apex correctly going up the hill to the fast "S" section.

This is the best explanation I have so far.

I did teach myself one trick.  A sexy way to OBSERVE your PASS1, PASS2, MAXRACE and MINRACE is to:

1 - make your AI

2 - copy it to a safe folder elsewhere

3 - delete the pass1, pass2, race LP files in the track folder

(let's say we want to SEE our MAXRACE file in the game)

4 - make 3 copies of MAXRACE

5 - rename each one to PASS1, PASS2 and RACE.LP

This will force the game to use the MAXRACE line around the track.  I found it useful to reduce the number of opponents to 1, and then go into PRACTICE and watch the replays for about 5 minutes to "see" the lines of the only CC out there. 

One trick to "fast forward" in dosbox to make the time go by super fast is hold in ALT and hit F12.  I hold in ALT and hit F12 several times and each time I press it the time goes by progressively faster, until minutes go by almost like seconds.  This way I can get 10 minutes of replay video after waiting only about 20 seconds.

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