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Tutorial updates - share your knowledge!
Recently I started updating the tutorial section of our site. It's not very convenient still having the track editing tutorial  in a ZIP, so it's now a page on this site (WIP).

Since the tutorials were written smart members of this community have figured out a lot of things about tracks and other parts of the game and I would love to put the relevant changes and additions in the new tutorials.

We already have the track editing wiki with links to tips and tricks found on the forum. I will go through that information first.

Two questions for now:
  1. Do you know of some things that are still only floating out there but that I might not yet know about? Then I kindly ask you to share that information here! Even if it's just pointing me towards a certain forum topic or post.
  2. Are you a track editor willing to share your personal workflow? Then I would like to add that to the tutorials too. It will be posted verbatim and fully credited to yourself of course. This could involve everything that you would like to share, like the way you manage your projects, how you start your tools, etc. Especially when it deviates from my own workflow the way I described it in the tutorials. We all have our different ways to edit and it would be great to have that in the tutorials.
I think I have typed my way of working somewhere in 2005 or 2006, so I will try and look that one up.

I have started preparing for St Petersburg v2, in a slightly different way, so I will take that into account as well.
IIRS Driver Champion (2005-2007, 2010-2014)
IIRS Team Champion (2004-2014)
Pavel 69's documentation about pitwall.txt is here:
Some discussion related to pit numbers in track.txt:
Here are 2 more,

Post #70 is neat for turns that have more than 2 parts in SGE :

Post #13 is about .mrk files :

Thanks for the updating.
(06-17-2020, 02:00 AM)Eddie500 Wrote: Here are 2 more,

Post #70 is neat for turns that have more than 2 parts in SGE :

Post #13 is about .mrk files :

Thanks for the updating.

Please emphasize Eddie500's warning that "Also .mrk data gets deleted if you come back in SGE to tweak stuff after you're done with SFE." We should try to prevent people from losing their work!
For the Tools section. In this post, I discuss the version number of the N2toICR2 converter that works best.

Here, I discuss the difference between two versions of 3doEd and that the earlier version seems to be better for ICR2:
Wow thanks everyone and by all means keep it coming!
After I was mentioned, here is some additional info for lp creation from my workflow.

To get the correct amount of lp records, increase the record number one by one, if the game crashes, the record number is too high, then reduce the number by one, and you have the right value.

It's important, to avoid high Coriolis values, otherwise trafo20 will make .txt files with useless data. High Coriolis values can occur, when driving with high speed through a corner with a small radius. In that case, the position value cahnges too fast, which results in high Coriolis value. If the track has such corners, it's recommended to test it as soon as possible, and change the layout, if necessary. If the Coriolis value in fast laps (on the racing line and on the passing line) is between -30 and +30 at every point of the track, the layout is OK. Values around or above 40 are critical.

I made the laps with my race setup with 20 gallons of fuel and normal weather. Because I drive with keyboard and I'm not a good driver, I needed to put the laps together from several lap parts.

Trafo20 can handle replays also with more than one lap.

minpanic - maxpanic
I made the laps as close to the walls as possible, without touching them.

minrace - maxrace
I made the laps as close to the track border as possible, but driving on the track. There is no need to make the laps with high speed.

pass1 - pass2
I made the laps imagining, that I'm permanently overtaking a car on the racing line and defending my position against another car, which is trying to pass me on the other side.

After creating the pit.lp, I replaced large part of it with the records of the race.lp. I made the cut, where the position and speed values were nearly the same.

I set the wings and boost to minimum and made a lap in 6th gear, driving as close to the track center line as possible.
After it, I divided the position values by 2. (Only if the track center line is in the middle of the track surface.)

I corrected the position data, so position order from left to right at every point of the track is like this:
maxpanic - maxrace - pass1 - race - pass2 - minrace - minpanic
maxpanic - pit - minpanic
maxrace - pace - minrace

pass1 - pass2 - race - pit
Correction of speed data is needed, like described here:

(01-27-2014, 07:24 AM)Dennis Wrote: My solution is: recalculating of the speed values in every corner with Excel before making any further edits with edit45.
The formula:
v: radial speed at the racing line, needed for the LP file
w: speed data made by trafo20
r: corner radius in feet
dir: direction of the corner -1 for right corner +1 for left corner
p: position data made by trafo20
Did we have all the DOS commands for OPE?
Found them in textfile tonight.

Also found a Dutch version of the explanation Tjerk once wrote on the .mrk file. Can do a Dutch >> English translation for that. The file is from 2005 (!!!) btw

And I even found some 2003 text files with remarks from Edwin Roman, probably left over stuff from the M4Driving forum (what a loss when that went down!)

Anyway, I'll do some digging later this week. Have done some work on my new (planned) way of working on St Petersburg. The Eddie500 remark about the .mrk file confirms I am thinking along the right way.
IIRS Driver Champion (2005-2007, 2010-2014)
IIRS Team Champion (2004-2014)

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