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SG files and new editing tools
(06-22-2020, 08:43 PM)Wolf_pd Wrote: Can it also help you with wall height in the downslope section towards the tunnel?

That part is actually a normal wall that is parallel relative to the track surface. But the higher wall behind it, I think can be accomplished with a simple trackside object.
Just made some Python code that draws a map of a circuit based on .SG data. Not terribly exciting but I also discovered the little detail that, when you split a segment in two, the .SG file does not record the starting and ending angles for the new segment (rather, the starting and ending angles for the combined segments are still recorded in the first segment).

The arcs took a bit of time to figure out, fortunately it still required no more than my elementary knowledge of geometry since the .SG file has already "solved" for the angles, radius and center that I need. And ICR2 only has constant radius corners so it makes things easier.

I was initially thinking of making a tool that would help visualize the DLONG and world coordinates for the purpose of placing objects. But I think it will be a rather large effort and I am quite limited on time these days, so I will probably put that one aside for now.


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