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New to ICR2
Hello! I picked up ICR2 on the internet fairly recently. I'm currently really enjoying it and although it has its quirks which really annoy me (yo-yo'ing cars during the pace lap, easy to spin with even the slightest contact), I keep coming back. 

Now for the annoying n00b questions...

1. Any tips on using the base default setups? Right now, I typically select Ace and either add a few clicks of rear wing, or drop the tyre pressures (especially the rears) else every corner I attempt = insta spin. Maybe someone has a better solution?

2. I want to stick with the 1995 season cars, but the only carset I can find on this site is by Oli. Is there something better to bring back the real teams?

3. Any 3rd party remakes I should 100% use over the original Papy tracks? I already downloaded Bicentennial Park but haven't installed it yet.

Any other tips will also be welcome!
For the setup problems, look at the PDF in this thread.

Tracks you can find here.

Carsets you can find in the archive.
Welcome! Great to see a new player and new member of the community.

To answer your question about 1995 cars, I believe the late Earl Ma's carsets were the best available at the time - he paid a lot of attention to detail on his carsets for several CART seasons. You should be able to find it on his archived site:
There is a link where he says "The complete car set for the 1995 Indycar season is still available" and the zip file looks like it works.

There appears to be a reference to Earl Ma's 1995 carset in the Archive section of our site here, but it instead gives you Oliver Karaula's carset which is not the same, but you can try that as well.

Pavel69 in particular spent considerable effort improving some of the default tracks. A highlight would be Cleveland which was quite inaccurate by default. You should be able to find that from Dennis's link.
Thanks for the welcome and some of the tips! I downloaded that 1995 set you recommended and it runs perfectly. I will check out Pavel's circuits too.

Last weekend, I won my first race against the AI at Detroit Belle Isle! I set the AI to 100%, qualified second and finished 1st. Fastest laptime in the race was 1'14.8. Not sure how that compares, but it felt pretty good.

Is there a way to change the team I drive for? Can I swap myself out for Emerson Fittipaldi, for example?

[Image: victory.jpg]
Congratulations on the win! You've definitely earned a ride with Team Penske. I am nowhere near your pace, but maybe some of the quicker drivers on this forum can give you feedback on your lap time.

You can use the Paintkit to swap the player's car with any other car in the carset (or swap any two cars in the carset, for that matter). Running PAINTKIT CART95 should get you started. Then, you will want to edit the DRIVERS2.TXT (contained within the folder where you installed the carset) to change the names and other information for your opponents, to match the order that the car textures now appear in the carset. Be careful to edit DRIVERS2.TXT, not DRIVERS.TXT.

Hopefully that helps but let us know if anything is unclear.

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