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Curious question for a comparison
Guys, if you compare this track

with this video

do you get the same feeling that some of the objects, for instance the grandstands at the S/F line and the bridge with the Stardust Casino logo are the same? The Stardust bridge is moved to another place, but the building standing there before the last two turns also looks surprisingly like the ICR2 version.
IIRS Driver Champion (2005-2007, 2010-2014)
IIRS Team Champion (2004-2014)
On further review, I can confirm the rFactor track is using my track as a base. Which is both hilarious and embarassing (for the guys who did this, put some effort in it....).

As you can see on the two pics, the red circle is around the building on the backstraightin 3doEd, while the Youtube screenshot shows the exact same building in the rFactor track. The tower circled in blue is in the rFactor track on the backstraight, while in my track it is on the front straight. The N3 grandstands have been reused, the billboards including the exact signage by Tony Krist have been reused.

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IIRS Driver Champion (2005-2007, 2010-2014)
IIRS Team Champion (2004-2014)
Carbon copy.
Yeah, it is either reusing in the exact same spot, reusing in a different spot or duplicating objects and using them multiple times.
I have compared the tracks in 3doEd and 3dSimEd and you can clearly see it.
Really wanna know who those guys are. I don't really care about the credits, but I am REALLY wondering why they used a ICR2 track and objects as a base!!
IIRS Driver Champion (2005-2007, 2010-2014)
IIRS Team Champion (2004-2014)
Why? Because obviously your stuff is so much better than they could have done themselves. And they're wankers.

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