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Darlington N3 track CTD.
Hi,I`ve downloaded N3 converted Darlington track from The Track Shoppe.It CTDs when the track loads.I am running Windy on XP.What may be the problem?I did try several variations, run in 256 colors,run in 640x800 res,changed the comp modes.The only time it did not CTD,I do not remember the exact combination I had engine sounds but black screen.Any help?
Not sure this is *the* fix, but worth a try:
Try toggling "Direct Draw" from Options→Graphics→Advanced.

I've got an XP machine running Windy; I'll attempt to download and run Darlington sometime in the next week or so.
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Thanks for the quick reply,with Direct Draw enabled there is black screen,only sound,can return to the main menu,can see track and car on replay screen on the main menu ;without Direct Draw enabled yellow flag and it still CTDs.Maybe the track is not compatible with Windy.
Maybe the track uses colors, which are not allowed in Windy (246-254)? Check the color palette of the sunny.pcx.
(03-16-2014, 07:22 PM)Pavel 69 Wrote: In ICR2 you can work with colors from #176 to #243. For DOS version additional colors from #246 to #254 can be used. So there are not too much custom colors in palette. Colors from #25 to #175 are game standart colors and cannot be changed, but can be used for track textures. Slso be sure your track textures don't use colors #0 - #24. Colors #244 and #245 are used for dust (when car drive through the grass). You can changed them. For example if it is street track and there are no grass you can use this colors for other things. Color #255 is always white 255, 255, 255.
Here is the Spanky Doo's N3 Darlington from ICR2 tracklist.

I tried searching archive pages and came across this working zip file  and works on Windy without any problems.

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