Track editing progress notes
(11-29-2022, 03:21 PM)Dennis Wrote: Wrong 3DOed version??

I have always used version 1.0i by Dave Noonan

For some reason every now and then this happens. I tried it again today and it worked fine.
I want to say that it feels good to do a track, and be wiser about how I do things. It feels good being more experienced at this. I do not any longer think I am a beginner. For example, fixing drawing order problems used to be very frustrating. I would get upset. Now I get them resolved so easily. I feel like I understand what is going on now and I'm becoming wiser. What used to take me hours takes me only minutes now. I am so happy to be at this point- and you all helped me get here!
(05-07-2020, 03:58 AM)samsepi0l Wrote: So I'm trying to complete tamiami based on the stig's current work.

In current status the track has no objects and turn 1 is not right. First I have to fix the geometry and I'm already having problems.

Bare with me, because I'm a complete n00b and I'm sure there will be a painful frustrating learning curve.

"Complete n00b" to track master in just 2 years!
Has anyone come up with an efficient way of drawing little hills and such? I figure I will use a few polygons and just map them with the regular grass texture.
I usually copy track outside points where hill should 'connect' with track. This is bottom set of points. Then take this set of points and make additional set but with some offset. It will be points for the top of the hill. I arrange everything into polygons and make 3do file. Then 3doEdit I finetune points placement to make hill looks good. All changes I transfer to 3d file to make new 3do after.

This is way of editing for simple small hills. If tack is surrounded by hill all around (like some ovals) it's maybe better to extract hill part from track 3d file. I make copy of track sge file. In SGE program I add altitudes outside main track where hills should be. In SFE program I add grass surface to the hill part and then create 3d file. In this track 3d file I find track sections where I made hills parts and I copy only this grass parts to the new 3d file. Because track has LOW, MED and HIGH drawing sections I copy hill parts from one of them depending on how good looking hills I want to have in game. Now copied grass polygons need to be gathered with LIST function into objects.

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