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nooRok/BobLogSan's 2018 carset released!
Very exciting! Great to see the full carset with the new carshape.
Words can not describe how amazing this work is! The level of detail is simply mind blowing!
This is awesome, will there be a '19 one as well?
That just looks awesome. 25 years after release!
IIRS Driver Champion (2005-2007, 2010-2014)
IIRS Team Champion (2004-2014)
Amazing work. I don't play anymore but thank you!
Absolutely amazing!! Also the damage seems to be working fine. Thanks a lot! Now I'm back with this game once again.
Quick update to report that nooRok/BobLogSan has made a 2019 carset and a 2020 carshape with aeroscreen! ICR2 has finally caught up to the future!!
Awesome, will there be a '20 carset with liveries etc?
Just an issue i am having with these carsets, as soon as try to re-order them via Drivers2.txt with CowtownBob's ICR2mgr they carset crashes when i try to select it.

Trying to order them in championship order then races competed for those that didn't do all the races as there are 26 cars in the set & have set the tracks to the real # of cars which competed in that particular race which means with the way this carset is ordered the Penske's would miss the majority of the races in the season.

Have also done AI performance for these carsets too which i can post here with permission of the author of the carsets? As all cars in these carsets have the same performance.
BobLogSan doesn't seem to visit this community regularly but had responded to me on Twitter recently - you could try there with this question: @nooRok_san

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