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minpanic and maxpanic vs pit.lp
maxpanic is to the left

minpanic is to the right

should pit.lp always be between these 2? In other words (lets pretend it's an oval)

maxpanic should be further LEFT of the pit.lp.

When I make maxpanic it would involve driving through the pits, scraping the far left pit wall.

I have had issues where AI try and pit, and they can't cross maxpanic (or minpanic considering which side the pit entry is on the track).

it causes them to "bounce" off of the pit entrance.
I think I recall (and it's been years ago and I'm old, so bear that in mind) that maxpanic would stay to the left until near the pit entrance, then turn sharply right so that it crosses pit.lp at close to a right angle. Someone else may know better though.
I thought that the 2 panic LP files were the "point of no return" - as far out either left or right that cars could possibly be.

I had a problem when I was making AI for atlanta where the AIs would come out of the pits exiting to the track, and when they went to merge onto RACE they would fly way up the track at the speed of light. I tracked this down to that the moment they went from PIT.LP to RACE.LP they were physically to the left of the MAXPANIC.LP. All I did to fix this was look at the corresponding value of MAXPANIC, and I increased it so it was just slightly higher than the value in PIT.LP. This fixed my problem.
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