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MUST READ- Huge dosbox performance improvement for Linux users
So lately I've been playing Grand Prix 2 in addition to ICR2 in my dosbox. I use Linux (I actually have Debian 8 installed).

On both games I have all of the graphics turned on to the highest amount of detail.

ICR2 runs pretty much full frame rate except when I have many cars on the screen, with a very detailed carset. I am using the reynard 99 carshape and the images are very detailed so occassionally dosbox slows down now and then just a tiny bit. My pc is a I7 8-core 3.5ghz.

Gp2 runs full frame rate nearly all the time, except at Monaco where I have some higher processor occupancy- especially after turn 1 going up the hill. This was driving me crazy. I was literally ready to drop some money and build a better machine. I had tried messing with the config files for dosbox- for HOURS. Nothing would make the games run at a better frame rate. I actually noticed no real difference no matter what options I tried.

In a bid of desperation- I posted this as a question on the VOGONS forum. I received a tip from a user that I want to give credit to "Qbix":

If you haven't: compile/get a 32 bit version of dosbox. (apt-get install dosbox:i386)

you might need to add the architecture
dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update

It's considerably faster.

I did this and let me tell you--- it is WAY faster now. ICR2 does not even drop frame rate (no matter what the conditions or carset) and GP2 runs at a max of 70% processor occupancy even at Monaco in the tough detailed spots. most of the tracks run at 30%!

I am VERY happy with the results so far. I HIGHLY suggest everyone try this because it made a HUGE performance upgrade for me.

I salute you Mr Qbix! thank you!

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