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Favorite era

this was the start of me getting fulltime into indycar and it goes right up to penske leaving for the league. i still watched all the races i could (pretty hard to do because we didn't have speed channel and was limited to one computer on a 56k modem) after 2001 up until 2007. i haven't watched an american open wheel race since mexico city 2007. like merger in 2008 i'm willing to give roger penske's indy car series an honest look but unlike 2008 i don't think management is going to outright antagonize idycar/champcar fans in the process.

and yes i am using indycar and indy car as noninterchangeable terms for seperate series.
I miss the early 90s indycar, engines had so much strength and were turbo charged, also, the cars looks were so agressively beautiful. In my opinion this era was the era when indycar was toe to toe with Formula 1.

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