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More on SPEED, POSITION & CORIOLIS by Robert Szikszo copied from his EDIT45 readme:

The SPEED graph simply shows the ideal speed in [mph], which AI-cars try
to reach at that point of the racetrack; if it is too much in a corner
they maybe spin out. Here you can edit the AI-cars' acceleration.

The POSITION graph shows the transversal position in [ft] of car on the
track. The more positive position means that car drives on the left, and
more negative position means that car drives on the right from the center-
line. On an ideal track, the zero position should be represent the
If this graph is nearly constant, the car drives on a straight line. If
this looks something like a sinus wave, the car is probably in a long
corner, or just changing the side to prepare for the next corner . If the
sinus wave is transferred to a narrow peak, the car is probably in a
sharp corner. The corner's type mainly depends on the actual speed values.
A left-hand corner is a "hill", and a right-hand corner is a "valley" in
the graph. You should know well enough the tracks to identify what kind of
moving you see on this graph; the best would be if you had a track-map.
A good cornering produces a nice sinus wave in the graph (car moving
from one side of the track to the inside of the corner, and back).

The CORIOLIS graph shows the coriolis force, probably. It is positive
when car comes closer to the centerpoint of a corner, and negative when
car moves farther from it. In straights, this value should be zero, or
unsignificantly low. I THINK these values do NOT need updating, but I have
created a function - called ACC (Automatic Coriolis Correction), which
can calculate out the right coriolis value from the position and speed
datas by pressing the <ALT> + <A> keys.

Does anyone know how to calculate CORIOLIS From the SPEED and POSITION values?

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