.MIP files and developing a new tool
Apologies for the lack of updates on this. I got stuck trying to add a few functionalities to the program and realized it's probably a larger project than I had the time and skill for (at least for now). However, I wanted to release a bit of what I have so far, especially the file conversion modules. This .zip file contains:

example.py = a script to demonstrate what it can do
dat.py = unpacking and repacking a .dat file
mips.py = various functions to convert between a .mip, .bmp and PIL (the last one being the format that enables further processing with the Python Pillow module)

I also included the (unfinished) IR18 carset with car model by Boblogsan + two IR18 cars for demonstration purposes.

Unfortunately, you will need Python installed and some knowledge of how to run Python code. I realize not everyone will be able to use this. However, I release it anyway in hopes that the code will be useful to someone, especially whoever wants to understand the file formats. Feel free to use the code/modify/incorporate into your own projects, etc. as long as I get credited.

To reiterate what is the point of this when we already have utilities that do the same thing - I just wanted there to be an open source version of these tools to help preserve the ability for us to mod the game in the future.

Disclaimer - the code is provided as-is, it may have bugs, and I am not responsible for any damages from the use of the code. I have only tested it on ICR2 and I do not know if it works on other Papyrus sims.

I will continue to work on this project but it may be on a very long timescale. Will try to release little parts of it as I get to them.

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