.MIP files and developing a new tool
Quick update on the development of the tool. Slowly learning how to make a UI using Tkinter in Python. Still a long way to go, but at least it can now:
1) open and unpack a carset
2) user can scroll through all the drivers and look at all the .mips, including support for 40-car carsets
3) export the selected car to .bmp

Next step: add ability to reload a .bmp back into the tool, convert to .mip and pack the .dat. All these have been coded but I just need to plug it into the UI.

Other future ideas:
- Add ability to swap car positions including 3dos. I think for 3do editing, I might just create an editor to do it within the tool, but also add ability to import from a Paintkit pcx or the Reynard 3do tool pcx. Or as Bob suggested, embedded data inside a .gif.
- For Reynard carsets, the ability to swap helmets!!
- Performance estimator (based on the current drivers2 values, how would the drivers rank?)
- Copy/paste a car from one carset to another?
- Edit tires and engine textures (also copy/paste between different carsets)

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