.MIP files and developing a new tool
Quick update - I found that with carsets, my tool didn't create a .dat file that was readable by the Paintkit. The reason seems to be that my tool would reshuffle the files within the .dat file (which the game itself can still load), but the Paintkit requires the files to be in certain order.

I also looked into the car 3do file and I mostly understand where the colors are:

Panel 1-21 - car panels, except:
3, 12, 22-30 - unsure what these colors represent, they are outside the selectable palette, maybe suspension/engine parts?
48-77 - crew uniform
78-85 - helmet

I started learning how to make a GUI using Tkinter but having a little less time lately. I will continue to clean up the code in the text-based version of the program and I might release that first, in case I can't make quick enough progress on the next part.

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