.MIP files and developing a new tool
(02-17-2019, 02:12 PM)CowtownBob Wrote: For cars I hard-coded the palette. For the section that does track graphics it uses the track's palette.

I went ahead and coded the tool to avoid colors 0-31 and 177-255 for cars... in fact, if the user accidentally uses those colors, it will convert those colors to the closest colors between 32-176. I have tested this by painting an awful looking car (see attached) using illegal colors, and noting that after I imported to .mip and re-exported to .bmp, the colors have indeed been corrected.

Question about number of subimages. I believe generally it is based on the width of the image, so that 2^n = width, where n = number of subimages. Can you confirm?
width 16 = 4 images
32 = 5
64 = 6
128 = 7
256 = 8
512 = 9
I will have the tool automatically decide the number of subimages, but leave open the option to manually specify this.

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