.MIP files and developing a new tool
Big update - I was able to build a working version of the tool which can do the following: 1) unpack/repack a tracks.dat file, 2) convert mips to bmp, 3) convert bmp back to mip, 4) create a point-in-time backup of a .dat file. It has no real UI at the moment, just a very basic set of menus like a DOS program.

Scaling turned out to be less of an issue because I was able to utilize the Python Imaging Library which has functions to resize images and apply a palette.

Of course, the true test is - could I do something useful with it? I was able to use the tool to update some graphics at Laguna Seca. Check out the result and a brief glimpse of the tool, attached.

I will keep trying to do different things with the tool, such as painting cars and such, before working on a better UI.

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