.MIP files and developing a new tool
(02-12-2019, 02:25 PM)CowtownBob Wrote: I was thinking of using a .gif not just for the .3do colors, but also for the DINFO line for drivers2.txt and creator info - names of the original painter and most recent modifier. The thing about adding an extra row of pixels is that if the image then gets used by someone who doesn't have your tool, the texture map will be misaligned with the car body.

Find edwrom's tool for .3do colors, it will help. I forget what it's called, sorry.

Scaling the image is fun. I think I got it right in under 100 attempts... or at least not too many over, lol.

Thanks for the help. Just found the tool ("Reynard 99 Paintkit" by Robert Szikszo) digging through these forums. It works in a relatively friendly way - exports a .pcx file that looks like the body panel screen of the Paintkit and you would then edit it in an image editor and then use the tool to convert the .pcx to .3do. It's a pretty slick process, but I might look into making the body panels part of the tool so that you could the .3do directly (maybe assisting the user with a diagram of the panels that changes depending on the carshape).

You're right, if the tool outputs a .bmp with extra rows, it would create compatibility issues with other tools. GIFs might be a little more advanced for me at the moment but I will make note of the idea for the future.

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