.MIP files and developing a new tool
The top row of pixels in the images made by the game's Paintkit contains the colors for unpainted body panels, helmet and crew uniforms in the <carname>.3do. When you use the paintkit to swap a car with a previously-painted livery, it reads that line of pixels to set those colors. But of course that only works with the original carshape, which is why we need to use a separate image for those colors with newer car shapes. The original shape does not map to that line of pixels on the livery image, so it essentially becomes an extra row of pixels in the mip. What you are seeing as duplicate information is just an artifact of that .3do information in row 0.

With the newer carshapes, the texture mapping can go all the way to row 0.

Actually, what I was hoping for in Icr2mgr but couldn't get working in a reasonable time, was using .gif files for the liveries, which would carry the .3do colors and the drivers2.txt information encoded in text blocks.

I'm glad you got the program working. Of course all my notes and documentation are on the same hard drive as the source code... But if I ever come across a cheap SCSI-3 to USB converter, with any luck I can access it and pass it along to you.

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