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Guys, I am looking to set up Dosbox to use run a few DOS games, like ICR2 and CM2. My Windows machine is more than capable to run any game I want at top level. How can I make use of that in Dosbox?
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I know your machine is probably 10 to 20 times faster than it needs to be, but remember DOSBOX is emulating everything- which is super hardware intensive. I can run ICR2 pretty much at full frame rate with all of the graphics on but only at times when I am surrounded by other cars does it slightly slow down some. This is with a 3.4ghz processsor.

I haven't found any ways to make it work flawlessly.
Have you already installed it?
If yes, you need to play around with the config file. I don't know, which OS you have, under Win7 it's at
C:\Users\ 'your account' \AppData\Local\DOSBox\
The most important settings are the memory size and the emulated cpu speed.
Memory size should be at least 32Mb, you can set it up to 64Mb, but if I know it right, it doesn't give further benefits for ICR2.
In this thread you can read, how to set the cpu speed.

In the [autoexec] section at the end I have the following
mount c e:\games
so in DOSBox driver C: will be my games folder.

If you want, I can post my whole config file, or anyone else, but there should be also a description of the settings in the config file itself.
I can suggest you a few simple tweaks as a start (for DOSBOX 0.74-2):

fullscreen=false (either true or false it's your choice)
fulldouble=false (better leave it like that)
fullresolution=1440x900 (change that to your screen resolution)
windowresolution=640x480 (for SVGA this is the best I think)
output=opengl (ddraw is not supported on the latest Windows)
memsize=32 (64 is overkill, that's the limit of DOSBOX use it only if you need it)
aspect=false (you don't need it enabled if you use opengl or ddraw for output)
scaler=hq3x (super2xsai is good too but I prefer hq3x)
core=dynamic (if you have more than one CPU core)
rate=49716 (for every sound config use 49716 for best quality I prefer to use only Sound Blaster 16)
prebuffer=20 (higher values may lead to not very pleasant results)
oplemu=compat (because it's the best option)
Tip: You can disable gus and pcspeaker if you are not using them.
timed=false (if you use a joystick, like me, this will save you a few headaches)
For the [autoexec] section I use this commands (available for every DOS game not specific to ICR2):


I hope that this will serve you as a basic guide. If you have any questions - just ask. Smiley

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