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Stiffer shocks = more stable car for higher speed corners
I recently have been having great luck with my suspension setup solving issues where the car is breaking free and becoming unstable in high speed corners. I found that stiffening the shocks all the way around makes it much more stable. I noticed this first at Michigan, where every now and then my car would get unstable and snap loose. I then raced at pavel's "watkins glen" "boot" track. I was having issues in the first few 'esses' corners where they are flat-out approaching the back straight. I stiffened the suspension all the way around 25% stiffer and it handles much more stable and predictible where the car would randomly snap loose if I gave it too much steering input before.

So- if you have this issue, give the car about 25% stiffer shocks all the way around and see if it works for you.
As always it's a compromise, and you have to decide, what is more important for you.
Stiffer shocks make the car feel more stable, but the price is less grip in the slow corners with more sliding and less traction, and higher tire temps in the fast corners.

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