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Calling all file collectors!
The Archive is still missing a lot of good files that are hopefully still out there somewhere. I have decided I want to upload as many of those missing files as I can find to our website to preserve them for the future. I am talking about carsets, tracks, utilites, patches... just about anything you can think of that relates to ICR2. I need the help of you people though, because most links online are now dead and I lost just about all of my own collection in the last few years.

This is why I would love for all the file collectors out there upload their ICR2 collection for me if that is at all feasible for you.

Please note:

- I will do all the sorting out myself, so there is no need to worry about that.

- You can pack the files any way you want to, from .rar to .zip or .7z or whatever you prefer.

- It can be done in batches or as a single big file, whatever is most convenient for you and your upload speed/reliability.

The most convenient way would probably be to upload the file(s) to a service like WeTransfer as the free version already allows files of up to 2Gb.

You can use the e-mailaddress info (at) icr2 (dottie) net for the "Send email to..." field.
This post will contain a list of files that are already waiting to be uploaded.

> All the files linked to from the stickied Tracks on Forum post:

> The patches on this page will be kept safe and linked to, but not yet uploaded because that page still works well:

> WoofGM's Carset collection (thanks Eddie500):

> The program on this page will be kept safe and linked to, but not yet uploaded because that page still works well (thanks checkpoint10):
Still online, here are Woofgm's dropboxed carsets :
Downloaded them, thanks!
Also the carset links on this forum:

On the other hand vika's work is not related to ICR2 but in my opinion ICR1 carsets section won't hurt too:
I have not tested this program yet, but the link to the ICR2 Lap Analyzer by Zdenda Seidl is still working:
Thanks for that link. It makes me wonder if anyone still active in our community ever tried the professional version of that tool?
I have a 'few' files hanging around as well. Will check with you how to transfer them. I also downloaded some of the older websites, like the one from Robert Szikszko with permission of the respective authors/owners
IIRS Driver Champion (2005-2007, 2010-2014)
IIRS Team Champion (2004-2014)
That would be great! Just send them over any way you like.
Please archive Fastwalker's book:
It is not updated anymore, but it's a valuable source of knowledge. I think our Wiki can point to it if the documentation is already in the book, however there are gaps in the book that might need to be expanded in the Wiki itself.

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