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Getting the best out of ICR2
i want to run ICR2 at its best, and i have a little extra cash laying around, so i decided id see what it takes to run ICR2 in rendition mode. I know that you need a rendition card to run the game, but do you need the rendition game as well? or can you just swap .exe's like you can to make the windy version a dos version? I also want to know if i can just buy a rendition card and use it on my computer i have currently. Its running XP as the OS and i have PCI slots avaliable. Also would the card conflict with my other card i have, or can i have more than one in at the same time? i would also like to know what the best card to get is? thanks for answering my questions. This should be exciting!
I think the rendition card is always a primary card so if you want to run a second graphics card you need to have a secondary one [in those days that would have been one of the Voodoo cards I guess].

If you are currently running the DOS version on XP and it works alright I'm sure that the rendition version, which is also DOS based, would run.

And about the files in the rendition version. I don't know how many Mb's of your hard drive you are willing to spend on this project but I think it would be best to keep the rendition game seperated from your normal game. So that you can fill that one up with all the rendition related things you are able to find.
Thanks, do you happen to know where i could find a rendition card, and the rendition version of the game? or is there a patch i can simply put ontop of the dos version to make it have rendition?
This sounds like an ambitious project!

Have you considered just putting together a dedicated PC for the rendition version? It might be less painful than trying to make it run on a platform it was never built for.

Keep us posted.
i believe rendition was a seperate version, not an upgrade to the original DOS. and i'm not sure rendition cards are stilll manufactured. best bet for both is probably ebay, though who knows how long before you find them.

good luck!
There was a patch I think, because if I remember correctly that is how I got it to work a long time ago and I only have the 1.0.0 DOS version on disc. This link supposedly has the rendition patches:

You probably need to update to the latest DOS version and then apply that rendition patch. One of the two bottom files depending on which card you manage to get a hold of.

Maybe the patch is only the .exe and some related files, the complete rendition version also had rendition ready tracks [not all of them] and maybe a rensition carset ? But I have never seen that version of the game so don't really know.

What Nintendork suggests sounds like a good idea. A PC that can run ICR2 need not be lightning fast and that way you can really tune it for rendition.
You'll need to get your rendition card on ebay. The problem with that is which rendition card you'll end up with. One with the v1000 chipset will work no problem, if you get one with the v2100 or v2200 chipset, i know there were problems running ICRII on those chipsets; takes a little more work to get that working. I have a Sierra Screamin' 3D on my comp that is still in my closet that i used just for ICRII rendition.; it has v1000 chipset. The Diamond Stealth II S220 was a 4mb v2100 card, and the Hercules Thriller came in 4mb and 8mb and was v2200. I have an 8mb Thriller in another old comp in my closet that i ran GPL on, never tried ICRII rendition on that card.

The other issues you'll have are that no carsets work with the rendition version of the game, unless they're done on the original cars95 shape. Also, the only tracks that work with rendition AFAIK are either NASCAR2 tracks converted using noonan's converter, and the Allison Hine enhanced tracks, which were the remaining ICRII tracks that didn't come rendition enhanced out of the box.

I think it was HardRockRacer from the old forums, that was into doing rendition stuff. If he's here now, than he'd be the guy to PM or something. He worked on converting carsets using Robert's shape to work in rendition.
Is there a specific reason updated sets will not work?
from what i remember they had some graphical glitch, with the cockpit maybe? they'll still work, it was just that something didn't look right. There were some procedures and patches one could go through to make them work, i just never wanted to deal with it, so i didn't buy a rendition card until i found one with the v1000 chipset like the Sierra Screamin' 3D.
Was it not something to do with the mirrors not displaying things properly on 2100/2200 cards ?

My card was a Hercules Thriller 3D... 8 Mb IIRC and I sent that to Sander a couple of years ago, don't know if he ever got it to work, but it did work on my PC. I also played GPL with it and it made it look better then any other card out there.

With Noonan's converter you can select converting a track with rendition ready .mip files and it should work then.

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