New advances in track editing?
So it's been a while that I played with the Sandbox, but with my enthusiasm from getting ICR2 to work on my Android phone I decided to take a look at the editing tools. Just for fun at this point mind you.

Have there been any advances I should know about since I wrote the Tutorial Studio?

For example, I still regret we don't really have an easy way to make our own track side objects for example. When looking through a 3D file created by 3D23DO.EXE I actually find it hard to believe someone like Mistycreek has not made a better way to do this. Or maybe there is... I don't know! Smiley
Pavel created his own objects and so did LTMDL, each with their own method. If you can't them on the forum, I have everything stashed away on my external HDs.

In the meantime, back to rFactor.
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I try to make objects using Pavel's document, but till now I had no success. My first object is a little complicated. I think this weekend I will try out every possible options mentioned in the document, and see what happens. Probably I will understand it than better.
That document sounds interesting. A quick search of the forum did not reveal anything, could someone link me to it?
I also can't find the original post, so here is the file.

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Thanks! It seems I will need to probably read that about a hundred times to start making any sense of it Smiley

Edit: at first glance it should be possible to automate at least the creation of points and polygons using a small custom program. The collection of the polygons into a correctly drawn object would probably still have to happen manually.
My first thought is to use a 3D program called NetRadiant, which is meant for map creation for Quake-like games. It's an editor that I know very well (but that is mainly because it is so easy to learn). It saves to a flat text file by default.
I am only worried about the texture mapping, which may be handled differently.
Some years ago, I started in on an open GL update to 3doed that would allow you to make polygons. I got so far as to be able to open and view def files (not actual 3do files as I don't know the native format well enough) and add basic polygons to the 3d view. I don't think I got to outputting new def files or adding textures, other objects, and the various other bits that are possible. Since then, I've bought a real race car and unfortunately forgotten nearly everything about track editing.

On another note, if you know 3dstudio max, it is possible to build objects there and convert over through ase files and gpl. That's how I converted some objects from N2003 into N3.
I'm used to manual making of 3D files. It's bit complicated at first aspecially making right drawing order. But after some time it becomes easy. Especially making some small objects like bridges, grandstands, billboards.
Is it just easier to steal objects from other tracks? and "re paint" the mip images that go over them?
Yes, it is. Especially with the simple stuff like billboards and such.
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