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Taking the "kink" flat out on the back stretch at Elkhart Lake Road America
I have been struggling to take the kink on the back stretch at Road America Elkhart Lake flat out without lifting.

I found great success with the suspension settings lately. I like to run the car soft at tracks with many slower corners (1st, 2nd and 3rd gear) but in the faster corners like the kink I found the car is much more stable with stiffer suspension. I stiffened the car up to 80% shocks, and it was consistent feeling. I then used the wing settings, I think I am at about 11 degrees wing on the front and the rear. When the fuel load is 20 gallons or lower, I can pretty much consistently take the kink flat with no issues. I have tire pressures down at 33psi all around. I've got the camber where it is mostly even across the tire (sometimes showing slightly higher in the inside). Obviously soft tires all around.

When the car is full of fuel, I still have to lift. It gets a little hairy sometimes. I have the AI set at 100 RELS and 100% difficulty so they catch me on the way to canada-corner if I do not take this corner flat.

any suggestions? Typically exiting the carousell I cam at about 155-160mph and by the time I reach the kink and "dive in" I am around 180mph. If the car slides a little, sometimes I lose a few mph and end up around 175mph by the time I straighten the wheel.

I am lapping around 1m41.5s laps if you are curious. This is Pavels "new" updated elkhart lake.

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Taking the "kink" flat out on the back stretch at Elkhart Lake Road America - by samsepi0l - 03-26-2019, 02:52 PM

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