.MIP files and developing a new tool
Sounds like the original concept for Icr2mgr - one stop for all your Icr2 editing needs. Good luck, it's a daunting task.

I don't recall there being duplicated rows of pixels at the top and bottom of each sub-image. I'm not saying they're not there, just that I think it would be an odd enough thing to have to deal with that it seems like I would remember it.

Scaling palletized images is a surprisingly complex thing. WinMip basically sidesteps the process in return for speed; it's generally ok but can yield unexpected results.

Mips are about the most complicated bits of the whole game, so take your time and do lots of testing as you go.

Depending on the tools you write, .dat files only need to be unpacked if the sizes of included files are being changed.

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