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Fictional Carsets 2020 - Dave_S - 05-28-2020

[Image: k5jY2Dv.jpg]

Another batch of carsets using the cart2k shape painted with indycar series liveries.

2 carsets are included in the download:
  • u20_i175: The 33 cars that raced in this year's iRacing challenge finale, shown in their race-day liveries. Player car + 38 opponent cars; non-qualifiers fill out the carset.
  • u2020: As downloaded, some cars are shown in liveries from other races and practice sessions. Player car + 38 opponent cars. The alternate livery folder is in this subdirectory.

AI rankings are based on the iRacing challenge results (average pts per race started), not real-world predictions. I just re-shuffled/re-assigned values from last year's carset.

PM me if you want a custom livery for the player car.