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  Disc Install
Posted by: Marlboro1 - 12-17-2022, 06:57 PM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (2)

How do you install or run ICR2 from a disc?

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  setup tips - non ovals
Posted by: OzFalcon - 10-23-2022, 03:12 PM - Forum: NASCAR Racing (N1) - Replies (1)


i need some help with the setup of non-ovals, sears point and leguna seca is what i do the most..

what sort of PSI should i have the tyres at?
and how much shock for front and rear?

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  powerslides possible?
Posted by: OzFalcon - 10-13-2022, 04:07 PM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (5)

Hi guys... im totally new to this game and still in the very early learning stage so sorry for the noob questions..

i was poking around online looking to see if anyone had an example of icr2 modded to run touring cars, which brings up the issue of car handling differences..

i found a page : http://alison.hine.net/sims/icr2.htm

"Add terrific car setups that will make the car much faster and much more forgiving - and more fun - to drive. With good setups, you can really toss these cars around, doing opposite-lock powerslides to your heart's content in slower corners and wailing through faster ones in great long high-speed drifts. This is racing to the Max!

so is this some kind of mod/patch that alters the physics engine or (and) just a matter of tweaking car setup eg shocks, camber etc

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  NASCAR 1 version check
Posted by: OzFalcon - 10-13-2022, 06:12 AM - Forum: NASCAR Racing (N1) - Replies (1)

hi guys,
i was wondering how do i find the version of the game i am running?
i believe that 1.21 is the last version but have no idea if i am already running that.
also does patching to a later version really do much? 

im just wondering this as ive noticed a few glitches whilst playing.. for eg when i arcade mode view the car disappears for a second when going through the corkscrew at laguna seca .. yes this is an icr2 track imported, but funny thing is it does the same thing when running in icr2.. also with the imported icr2 tracks i am getting some, what can only be described as frog hopping of the computer controlled cars (the cars suddenly shoot forward when cornering slowly) ..
yes a lot of these things are probably due to incompatability which is part of the reason for asking for the patch versions ..

this is all whilst running N1 hi res matrox version on an actual old Pentium 133 machine.. 


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  import icr2 tracks into nascar1
Posted by: OzFalcon - 10-11-2022, 03:06 PM - Forum: NASCAR Racing (N1) - Replies (3)

hi guys,
nascar 1 is such an amazingly good racing sim for its time but the only issue with it for me is the lack of circuits. where i am from (Australia) we are raised on circuits like bathurst so oval racing just isnt in the blood.

ive been playing N1 on my old pentium 120 machine and it runs pretty damn good in svga, with the help of matrox millenium graphics card in it. without the acceration from the matrox it is pretty unplayable..

ok, to the point.. im looking to race the laguna seca circuit with N1... i had a heap of fun on that circuit in indycar1 and want to try it on n1 game engine..
ive found Gerhards icr2nas.exe which i believe is what i need to convert icr2 tracks to n1 format... BUT what i dont understand is what is the procedure .. 
do i have to make directories, copy tracks?
where do i run icr2nas.exe? in the newly made directory or just in the tracks directory?

ive run it a couple of times and it is creating a lot of files and quite a mess..

hoping someone is able to help inject some life into this acient but great game..
cheers guys

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  Indianapolis 500: The Simulation research notes
Posted by: checkpoint10 - 10-03-2022, 11:44 PM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (4)

Taking a break from Detroit work, I went looking into the files of Papyrus's first product - Indy 500: The Simulation. This was my first racing sim but I don't think it's ever been studied, except there exists an editor that modifies the player and opponent liveries and performance values that are hard coded in the .exe file.

I want to get to the actual track itself, even if only to visualize it in 3D and admire how accurate it was. I realize this may be extremely difficult, but as a first step I've managed to figure out how to unpack a couple files - INDY.1 and INDY.2 - which I can confirm contains the graphics (in a still mysterious file format) and I suspect the track geometry and 3D objects are also in there.

Here's what I know so far.

INDY.1 - contains 33 files:

0-5 - unknown
6-17 - title screens in CGA, VGA and Tandy. Each title screen is divided into 4 separate 320x50 image files. I cannot yet understand the image file because it seems to rely on some compression technique
18-32 - copy protection photos of old Indy cars

INDY.2 - contains 159 files

0-4 - unknown but especially file 0 and 1 are possibly the track because of the file size (67kb and 17kb)
5-10 - cockpit textures
11 - instant replay graphic
12-14 - unknown
15-21 - standings and setup graphics
22-27 - flags graphics
28-57 - roll bar graphics, flashing lights, etc.
58-159 - unknown (not researched yet)

If anyone's interested in helping research this, I have created a tool to unpack the files. It's still very labor intensive - right now it's just changing some hex values and seeing what happens in the game, although much of what I've learned so far is simply from swapping files around within INDY.1 and INDY.2.

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  Cicero Chicago 1999 Oval Build
Posted by: samsepi0l - 09-26-2022, 07:41 AM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (47)

I'm spending a little time working on building the Cicero Chicago Oval CART drove at in 1999.

When doing banking in SGE- I read that it is best to start the banking transition on the straight, and continue it through the corner.

Is there a better way to do this than just trial and error?

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  How to change your driver's car
Posted by: sly on the wheel - 08-18-2022, 12:21 AM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (15)


I am a newbie for ICR2 and my first question is: How to change the car of your driver? I would like to use for example Paul Tracy's or Patrick Carpentier's car in a set but I am always stuck with the same generic car or the car the guy who did the carset programed.  So is there is a way manually or within the game to change the car? If anybody knows the recipe for that, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for you answer.

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  2017 MENCS carset???
Posted by: SimRacer134 - 08-16-2022, 12:45 AM - Forum: NASCAR Racing (N1) - No Replies

I have a link to a 2017 carset...


Credit (above) goes to: *Brand Old Games

cars2017.rar - Google Drive

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  Airborne crashes??
Posted by: SimRacer134 - 08-13-2022, 02:34 PM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (14)

I installed this mod that is a "flip" mod, and it said something about how IndyCars can flip. However, I tried it, did everything it told me to, and when I tested it, it doesn't work. What I'd like to know is: is it impossible for cars to flip in the game? I saw a YouTube video where somebody drove on a curb and the right side realistically got off the ground and went back down. I want to know how to do that if possible.

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