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  Indianapolis 500: The Simulation research notes
Posted by: checkpoint10 - 10-03-2022, 11:44 PM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - No Replies

Taking a break from Detroit work, I went looking into the files of Papyrus's first product - Indy 500: The Simulation. This was my first racing sim but I don't think it's ever been studied, except there exists an editor that modifies the player and opponent liveries and performance values that are hard coded in the .exe file.

I want to get to the actual track itself, even if only to visualize it in 3D and admire how accurate it was. I realize this may be extremely difficult, but as a first step I've managed to figure out how to unpack a couple files - INDY.1 and INDY.2 - which I can confirm contains the graphics (in a still mysterious file format) and I suspect the track geometry and 3D objects are also in there.

Here's what I know so far.

INDY.1 - contains 33 files:

0-5 - unknown
6-17 - title screens in CGA, VGA and Tandy. Each title screen is divided into 4 separate 320x50 image files. I cannot yet understand the image file because it seems to rely on some compression technique
18-32 - copy protection photos of old Indy cars

INDY.2 - contains 159 files

0-4 - unknown but especially file 0 and 1 are possibly the track because of the file size (67kb and 17kb)
5-10 - cockpit textures
11 - instant replay graphic
12-14 - unknown
15-21 - standings and setup graphics
22-27 - flags graphics
28-57 - roll bar graphics, flashing lights, etc.
58-159 - unknown (not researched yet)

If anyone's interested in helping research this, I have created a tool to unpack the files. It's still very labor intensive - right now it's just changing some hex values and seeing what happens in the game, although much of what I've learned so far is simply from swapping files around within INDY.1 and INDY.2.

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  Cicero Chicago 1999 Oval Build
Posted by: samsepi0l - 09-26-2022, 07:41 AM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (3)

I'm spending a little time working on building the Cicero Chicago Oval CART drove at in 1999.

When doing banking in SGE- I read that it is best to start the banking transition on the straight, and continue it through the corner.

Is there a better way to do this than just trial and error?

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  How to change your driver's car
Posted by: sly on the wheel - 08-18-2022, 12:21 AM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (12)


I am a newbie for ICR2 and my first question is: How to change the car of your driver? I would like to use for example Paul Tracy's or Patrick Carpentier's car in a set but I am always stuck with the same generic car or the car the guy who did the carset programed.  So is there is a way manually or within the game to change the car? If anybody knows the recipe for that, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for you answer.

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  2017 MENCS carset???
Posted by: SimRacer134 - 08-16-2022, 12:45 AM - Forum: NASCAR Racing (N1) - No Replies

I have a link to a 2017 carset...


Credit (above) goes to: *Brand Old Games

cars2017.rar - Google Drive

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  Airborne crashes??
Posted by: SimRacer134 - 08-13-2022, 02:34 PM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (14)

I installed this mod that is a "flip" mod, and it said something about how IndyCars can flip. However, I tried it, did everything it told me to, and when I tested it, it doesn't work. What I'd like to know is: is it impossible for cars to flip in the game? I saw a YouTube video where somebody drove on a curb and the right side realistically got off the ground and went back down. I want to know how to do that if possible.

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  NASCAR 1999 Edition Daytona/calendar edit? (off topic)
Posted by: SimRacer134 - 08-01-2022, 01:06 AM - Forum: NASCAR Racing (N1) - Replies (3)

Sorry if this is off topic as this forum is for NASCAR 1.

However, I've been asking myself this question for years - Can I get daytona in NASCAR 1999 Edition

I have had this game for 2 years, and it's awesome.
Another thing to is: can you edit the calendar for these games? I don't see one in the files. 

Please respond and thanks.

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  Drivers2 Ratings Test
Posted by: JoyfulPanda - 07-28-2022, 03:03 PM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (13)

Hey ya'll - I was working on ratings for a carset I'm using and wanted to get to the bottom of the effect of the Drivers2 ratings.  I thought some people might find it useful.

36 races (9 each) on 4 speedway tracks:
* Fontana
* Indianapolis 2000
* Michigan 2000
* Pocono

(Thanks to Pavel for the great work on these tracks).

Accelerated Time races of 25% length (long enough to see the effects, but short enough that DNF's didn't pollute the results too much).  Damage set to Arcade to reduce crash DNFs, since I was not testing Aggression in this experiment.

ICR2 is version 1.0.2 on DosBox on a Mac.

30 cars.

Each car was initially set to:
500 501 500 501 500 501 1 2

And then modified by changing a single value, as indicated by the name.  For example, listed below, "Trac510" means that car's ratings were:
500 501 510 511 500 501 1 2

With those parameters, here are the results:

CAR      STR   AVF   SD
Trac590   9      1.12   0.33
Trac570   10    1.94   0.76
Trac550   12    3.03   0.72
Trac530   14    3.67   0.53
Trac510   15    7.58   3.65
Powr950   1    8.42    4.66
Powr850   3    9.26    5.13
Powr650   7   10.44   4.71
Powr750   5   10.56   5.19
Drag050   2   11.29   5.67
Drag150   4   12.89   5.63
Powr550  11   13.03   5.70
Powr350   23 14.31   4.88
Powr450  18  14.38   5.54
Drag350   8   15.39   4.70
Drag250   6   15.42   4.78
Drag450  13  15.52   4.66
Drag550  20  16.35   5.68
Powr050  29  16.86   4.69    
Powr250  25  16.91   4.69
Powr150  27  17.63   3.48
Drag750  26  18.33   4.84
Drag650  24  18.34   4.86
Drag950  30  19.37   4.30
Drag850  28  19.62   5.49
Trac490  16   20.26   2.92
Trac470  17   24.69   3.07
Trac450  19   26.15   1.23
Trac430  21   27.13   1.38
Trac410  22   27.97   1.40

Qualifying is determined EXACTLY by the average of Power, Traction, and (1000-Drag), so starting grid was always exactly the same - and for example, Power 550 had the exact same qualifying speed as Traction 550 and Drag 450 - with the tie appearing to be broken by driver order.

I separated out the Traction cars to emphasize the observation that traction rating overpowers all else.  I initially started this experiment with Traction spread just like Power/Drag, but it was so clear that traction had such a large impact that I condensed it to a smaller range of variance.  However, even a ten point boost in traction outperformed a 450 point boost in power, while starting from much farther back in the grid.  And the reverse was also true, with a ten point loss in traction sending a car all the way to the back.

Increases in power outperformed reduction in drag, but at the same time, reduction in power outperformed increases in drag.  While one car being out of place in the rankings can be attributed to noise, a group of five cars outperforming another group of five cars that was expected to be similar can't.  We would need further testing, but either:
* Drag and/or power is somehow non-linear - for example, could be plausible that lowering drag beyond a certain point has limited impact, while raising it to higher values has a much greater impact.
* The starting grid position has some lasting impact (seems less plausible)
* There are things hardcoded into the driver slot that are not captured by these editable driver rating values
* Chassis/engine/tire has an impact.  I did not pay attention to these values at all when conducting the experiment, as I assumed they were only cosmetic.

When setting up your carsets, use traction as the car's race pace, and use power/drag as adjustments for qualifying pace relative to their race pace.  Can create strong qualifiers that fade during races or vice-versa.

I'm not confident in our ability to tweak these values to make drivers stronger weaker on ovals vs street tracks - more testing is needed (next up for me would be street tracks), but based on how little impact drag has even on large ovals, it seems unlikely.

As mentioned above, might need some additional testing to tease out the impact of engine/chassis/tires, if there is one.

Hope people find this valuable!

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  Savannah for ICR2?
Posted by: Wolf_pd - 07-21-2022, 09:14 AM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (2)

I was looking through some old files and found a note about a Savannah download in one of them. It refers to this track:

I think I have downloaded it before and ran it, but I can't remember what the track was. I am pretty sure it wasn't any of the custom ones from BB&B, so it must have a flat(tened) version of an existing track.

Anyone knows?

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  Reducing/Increasing AI DNF's and Crashes
Posted by: SimRacer134 - 07-17-2022, 12:55 AM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (2)

First off, by the title, is any of this possible? I want to see if this is possible mostly because I am tired of faster AI cars DNF the race. I know it has an interesting toll on the championship, but it's annoying. Most 500 milers (Indy, Pocono, Auto Club, Michigan, etc.) don't have enough accidents. Maybe 1 or 2 cautions, but I would like more. If it impossible, let me know please and thank you!

*Also, I have been gone for 6 months dealing with family issues and I haven't been able to do any kind of racing since July 12th. Thanks!

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  '22 carset?
Posted by: JR82 - 06-25-2022, 03:39 PM - Forum: Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing (ICR2) - Replies (14)

Is anyone aware of or working on a '22 carset?

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