Full Version: New site for Nascar Racing 1
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This days i was working with this another great game of 90's, so after
can't find enough things for this game, i decided to put on the web this place, if you want to take a look there or have some files to help all of fans of Nascar Racing 1......will be great...
I don't want to have any credits for creations, tools, cars or carsets it's just a place to share and helps who loves play racing games...
So if someone have carsets, cars, tools let's put there...
Let's keep this game alive.......

looks like you have my N1 start util posted with out permission. I happen to be one of the ol N1 guys here, since 1995 , and even edited the readme file in it.

It should be this -


I made this utility do to the long time it took to exit to DOS, restart
windows and back and forth, wasting way too much of my time.

If you want to run the game from windows which the orginal game
was not made for then unzip the file. Nascar1 dos start bat
file & dos4gw19.exe Place it in the main NASCAR folder, use the
start button and add a shortcut using the taskbar/start menu programs.
Run the game from windows with your new shortcut

- Go fast - Turn Left -

These files have been tested on my computer, and work just fine. E-mail me
if you encounter any problems.

Dave Reuille
General Manager
Woof Motorsports
Sorry for i said before, i won't have any credits for any works, isn't  my intention, what i really want  is have a place where fans of games has a chance to find ways to play better. I just realize that icr2start could be used to do the same thing for nascar, so i edit the bat file, i hope to be usefull for more people......if you permit me i want to put a little banner link your nascar site even the permition of the owner of  cartracinghq with the banner  either  in my site  i think it's great idea  to be a community........
isn't giving credit where credit is due part of being a community? the people who put in time and effort to produce the software and/or documentation that you are distributing not only deserve to be credited for their accomplishments, but removing credit and/or copyright notices most likely puts in violation of the licenses by which you acquired the materials.

by removing dave's information from the readme, it certainly makes it appear as if you are taking credit for his work. that is low...... and i think you deserve stronger adjectives than that, but out of defference to others here, i will not take the discussion there.

whether or not nauru officially recognizes international copyrights (and i've so far been unable to ascertain one way or the other) it is at minimum common courtesy. you should be ashamed of yourself, offer dave a sincere apology and either restore his readme or remove the utility from your site.

how would you feel if someone took credit for your accomplishments?

i didn't realize that readme file was changed.........
now it's corrected