Full Version: N2 NRWC shape
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Dunno if this belongs in here since it's the n1 forum but
does anyone have the files of this carshape for Nascar racing 2/1999 anywhere? 

The sim project links in the iwccars page don't work aside from the carset repaints and wayback archive don't have them.

Absoslutely would appreciate any help in finding these
Not sure that it's the one, but check this link.

Click Car/Truck 3do's under N99/N3 Add-ons

See final entry that mention denny hoffman's shape. Download link works.
That works! Thanks!
If you still needs Hoffman's carshape then I have files. But I don't use it because of window textures and because there are no many carsets for this carshape.

Here you can find papy carshape with some little updates by me (N99->papy_carbody_improoved.rar)